Plant Medicine For All!

‘Herbal Antibiotics’, by Stephen Harrod Buhner

I first encountered the work of Stephen Harrod Buhner at Moe’s Books, in Berkeley.  I was visiting Moe’s in pursuit of books about Oriental Medicine.  And needing to pee.  I climbed the stairs to the bathroom, climbed back down to get bathroom tokens, climbed back up to the bathroom, and got to the door just in time to see it shut and lock in front of me.  Grumbling, my hand reached out and picked up the nearest book, without looking at the cover, and opened to a page at random, and there was Stephen’s prose, explaining to me the art of diagnosis – how to pick up the subtle hints of a patient’s comportment and presentation, and in so doing, to build an intuitive practice of diagnosing (from his book The Secret Life of Plants).  I was stunned – the questions my mind had been turning over for weeks all found answers in Stephen’s words.  I had already started making herbal medicines, but still very much a novice at that point, and not really focusing my energies on plants as yet.  Stephen’s book was a doorway into the world of plant medicine.  I recently acquired his books Herbal Antibiotics and Herbal Antivirals, both of which interested me initially due to my terror of Western doctors, and which have held and deepened my interest as I learn more about the fast-approaching obsolescence of antibiotics, and what this means for our health and the health of our loved ones.  I highly recommend his Herbal Antibiotics to anyone who wants to be empowered to make their own medicines and to understand why certain plants work against certain virulent viruses and bacteria, and how to use them to fullest effect.  I read it almost every day, and constantly go back to it with new questions and curiosities.  It also contains a large addendum of individual ratios and dosages of a number of medicinal plants. Geek Out.

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