IMG_5074Reishi, Cordyceps + Cinnamon Bark Tincture Blend, 1oz [SOLD OUT]

The days are finally drawing in, and the sky today finally overcast, and the air today finally feels cool. It’s October 27, 2015: a full moon in three degrees of Taurus, and today I am making a blend I first started using last Winter, of Reishi, Cordyceps, and Cinnamon Bark, a delicious combination of immune and emotional support. But before I tell you about it, here is the always illuminating Chani Nicholas on today’s Moon, because I’m feeling it, and I didn’t really realise I was feeling it until I found myself making medicine to deal with how much I was feeling it:

Life will always come at us. Life will keep happening. Healing, evolving, and becoming more conscious doesn’t stop the pain from piercing our protective outer layers. It doesn’t stop difficulty from demanding entry into our lives. It won’t prevent the stretch marks that map out our personal paths. Self-reflection and therapeutic processes can teach us how to find our way through life with a solid stride, stumbles and all.

I don’t know what it is about this blend that feels so comforting. Reishi on its own is comforting, a medicine used in Chinese Medicine to Calm the Spirit, even before you get to its powerful immune-supporting function – but if you add cordyceps, which has a chocolatey flavour, and sweet, spicy cinnamon bark, you’ve basically got a Chinese pharmacopoeia version of hot chocolate.  Different parts of Lauraceae have different functions, and the twigs are used to treat certain iterations of the common cold – but the bark (cinnamomum cassia), which I use here, is the most internally warming, reaching into areas of deep cold in the body and kicking it out. Zhang Xi-Chun (quoted Bensky’s Materia Medica, 686) described cinnamon’s downward-pull through the doctrine of signatures: “Because it is the bark from the lower part of the tree, its nature reaches downward to warm the cinnabar field, fortify the primal yang, and tonify the ministerial fire.” This is also to say that, if you run warm, this probably isn’t the blend for you.

The colors of this blend are red, brown, purple – Earth/Muladhara colors.  When I take this medicine, I get a feeling of being pulled downwards, into my own body and into the ground.  That’s because cinnamon bark goes into the body’s deepest pathways and stimulates the circulation of blood, and the energies of Reishi and Cordyceps tap us into the mycelium network that runs deep underneath the Earth’s surface.

I take it on cold days when I’m feeling stressed, emotionally tender, and a little ungrounded.  Dose is 5-10 drops up to 6x per day – a smaller dose spread out frequently throughout the day gives the best effect. [SOLD OUT]


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