S A F E T Y / gem+flower essence

S A F E T Y : gem + flower essence formula

Flower and gem essences work on the spirit, powerfully affecting aspects of our inner life. This essence blend is to promote feelings of groundedness and safety, to dispel fear and negativity. Helpful for trauma, for those who have a habit of leaving their bodies with stress or triggers, or for those who want support in being more embodied.


black tourmaline gem + rosemary flower essence

Nov 21-22, 2015 (Scorpio into Sagittarius)

Black tourmaline : psychic protection . stimulates all the chakras. protects you from the negative energy of others. ‘etheric vacuum cleaner’ . helps you not to be needy of others’ energy. helps direct you to the good . dispels the ‘spell’ + energizes the subject . vitality . stability . acuity

Rosemary flower : helps you feel safe in your body . to anchor spirit in body, to stay present . promote a strong physical presence . clarity . peace . balance . calls the spirit back into the body after a trauma . childhood trauma .

affirmations: i am safe . i am safe in my body . i am protected . may all beings be safe

Infused into artesian water under a full day’s (Mercury conjunct) sun + (Scorpio) moon light. Anchored in brandy.

DOSAGE BOTTLE 1oz. $25 . 4 drops directly on the tongue, as needed.

STOCK BOTTLE, 2oz . $40 . stock essence from the original blend. use to make your own dose bottles or drinking water. DOSE: 10 drops per liter of water, 2 drops in a cup of water, or a single drop directly on the tongue, as needed.

_____50% of all proceeds go to Black Lives Matter


In terms of thinking about treating the three treasures in relation to gem and flower essencesS A F E T Y was made to address the subtle dislocations and violences that our Shen/spirit is faced with every day as we try to assimilate our knowledge of all the awful things happening in the world, and to counteract the feelings of fear that this produces. It is not just a history of trauma that will affect the spirit – even just reading about stories of violence, injustice, and war can affect us in subtle but powerful ways. Information on its own does not put our bodies in danger, but it acts strongly on the intangible aspect of self, the Shen/spirit, possibly causing us to become derailed, despairing, and depressed. On some level – maybe a level that not all of us are in dialogue with on a regular basis – we are feeling and responding. SAFETY works with that response – it is designed to help us stay resilient, and to stay mindful of the intention to respond to violence and injustice by calling for safety, thinking about safety, feeling grateful when we do feel safe, calling for the safety of all beings, and a better world.

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