Black Tourmaline Gem Essence


Gem therapy was pioneered by the 12th century badass, I mean abbess, Hildegard of Bingen (d. September 17, 1179), who used essences in her healing work. Michael Gienger describes gem essences as ‘information therapy’. They work with the organizing principles of our cells, the frequencies (vibrations, energies) to which our conscious minds are tuned. The information/vibration of black tourmaline is deep, resonant, calm, and protective. It counters fear, anxiety, and negativity.


Black Tourmaline Gem Essence

psychic protection . stimulates all the chakras. protects against the negative energy of others. ‘etheric vacuum cleaner’ . deter ‘energy vampire’ behavior . directs to the good . dispels the ‘spell’ + energizes the subject . vitality . stability . acuity


IMG_6501 copy


DOSE: Take in courses of one week. 3-5 drops directly on the tongue, 1-3x per day, for 7 consecutive days.  Bottle lasts 5 courses.

1oz, $18

Infused into artesian water under a full day’s (Mercury conjunct) sun + (Scorpio) moon, anchored in brandy.

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