Jasmine Body Oil


WHAT. Silky, luxurious oil, made with fresh Oakland Spring jasmine blossoms and sweet almond oil.  For moisturizing, massage, cupping, & acutherapy.

WHY USE.  To support our bodies’ Spring-time process of moving into Liver Qi (the Liver organ is associated with Spring in Chinese medicine) with the smoothing, relaxing, calming effects of Jasmine flowers.  Jasmine is used in natural beauty to improve the elasticity of the skin, and in aromatherapy to treat depression and anxiety.

HOW USE.  Use with cupping therapy: smoothes Liver Qi and calms Shen. For self-massage, sore muscles, dry/irritated skin, rub generously into arms, neck, shoulders, breasts, torso, & legs, or massage into acupressure points LV3 or PC6 to relieve stress.

IMG_7412 copy

Gentle enough for use on the face. Nice for sunburn. Not for oily skin.

NOTE: This oil is made from fresh plant material. Use liberally and within six months to get the best from the flowers’ medicine.

WARNING: Leaves skin smelling of fresh jasmine blossoms.

4oz bottle / $24 SOLD OUT





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