RECIPE: Sweet Earth Root Soup

img_3502I have Earth and Wood elements out of balance these days, Earth especially so, and I have more Fire than anything else (WHICH I LOVE! FAST WALKING! TORCH IT! STAY UP ALL NIGHT! CRUSHING ON EVERYONE! etc.), so I’m eating nutritionally to try and smooth things out. I’m starting with the Earth element, because it is the most out of balance, (Fire and Earth are next to each other in the Generating Cycle, which means that a deficiency of Earth can cause Fire to get out of control and in turn make Earth even more deficient). Food as medicine is especially appropriate with this pattern because Earth element in the body is all about food and digestion.

Earth’s flavor is SWEET, which is easy to find not in sugary foods, please (although your Spleen will DEMAND these from you when it’s tired), but in naturally sweet foods, namely complex carbs (grains, veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds, and fruit). The Earth governs the Spleen, an organ which loves to be warm, and whose function is to break down food into the energy that gets you through your day (when a patient comes in with a symptom of ongoing fatigue, the Spleen is usually the first thing Eastern medicine thinks about, in terms of diagnosis) – so it follows that the Spleen likes warm foods that are well-cooked, like soups, and stews, which are served hot and are easily broken down. Continue reading “RECIPE: Sweet Earth Root Soup”



my Heart’s blood is red
it makes me know Fire
tho your body’s an ocean
the flames grow higher

I once dated someone who I very quickly fell madly in love with. We met in the summer, which in Chinese medicine is the season of Fire and of the Heart, and the attraction was instant. The first time we kissed (in an elevator, on our first date) I nearly fainted. We laughed, and talked, and shared our dreams, and told each other stories, told each other all the worst things we’d ever done. The sex was incredible, so hot, so nourishing. Wherever he touched me I could feel Fire under my skin. He would hold me all night after falling asleep plotting to run away together. And then suddenly one day, after about a month of this, he announced that he didn’t want to get too attached to me, and that, in order to make sure that wouldn’t happen, he had spent the past week sleeping with all of the side pieces he had been fucking before we met. And it got worse. One of them was coming over later that evening, so could I leave? As I drove myself home, my playlist shuffled onto the Zebra Katz song 1 Bad Bitch, the lyrics of which go, ‘Eeny-meeny-miney-mo, too many bitches, one got to go,’ which grimly cheered me up. Like, a lot. Continue reading “FIRE”

RECIPE: Chicken Broth with Goji, Ginger, + Pearl Barley


I wasn’t planning on doing a recipe but I stumbled across this most delicious concoction and wanted to share it because it was sooooo good. Spicy, sweet, warm, and full of root energies. Roots have the energy of digging deep, and of storing essence, which is what our bodies are doing in the cold weather, and why it is so great to eat them in the winter months. The goji berries add a little sweetness to each mouthful, which brings out the other flavors more as well. SO YUM. Continue reading “RECIPE: Chicken Broth with Goji, Ginger, + Pearl Barley”

Fall Allies Bundle of Love

I’ve made you a little bundle of Fall allies to support you through this transitional time of year. All made with love and highest-quality herbs.

* Calendula salve, for dry skin, cracked skin, scars, stretch marks. Harvested at Scribe Winery in Sonoma, CA

* St John’s Wort / St Joan’s Wort oil. Sunshine in a bottle! My number one ally which I use constantly. Antidepressant, antiviral, soothes sore muscles, makes you feel snug and sunny inside on gloomy days. Harvested in the Siskiyou wilderness, CA and Mount Hood, OR.

* Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort) smudge, to enhance dreamlife and magical practice (grown at home in Oakland, CA)

* Anxiety-Buster, a tea blend of skullcap, cornflower, and pineapple sage to nourish the heart and promote calm feels (some home-grown, some organically sourced)

$40 – order through Etsy! ❤

Wild Harvesting Golden 4

  1. only take from plants that you find growing in abundance
  2. take no more than a tenth (and usually less if you are harvesting from an abundant plant) of the total quantity growing, and no more than you need
  3. check in with your intention for how you want to use the plant.
  4. consider asking for permission from the plant to harvest it. (they love it.) and say thank you, thank you, thank you

Plant Spirit oil: INTUITION


INTUITION Plant Spirit oil
Wild-harvested California mugwort (Artemisia douglasiana) and organically grown purple sage (Salvia dorri) infused in organic olive oil. *Does not contain essential oil.

A single drop between the midpoint of the eyebrows stimulates focus and the expansion of inner vision. Use with meditation, study, art, movement practice, healing work, or apply as a daily practice for strengthening intuition.

DIRECTIONS: Roll a drop over the third eye area, just above the midpoint of the eyebrows, to stimulate your intuitive center (ajna chakra and pineal gland).

Started on the New Moon in Taurus, finished on the Full Moon in Sagittarius (May 2016).


The idea for this oil came to me in the mix of waywardness and intuition that my favorite projects have been guided by this past year. One of the most powerful things I took away from my apprenticeship with Mary Pat Palmer last year was to begin thinking more about plant Spirits, and wanting to start making medicine with them, so that the medicines would be co-creations, and therefore as potent as possible. A highlight of Mary Pat’s apprenticeship was plant spirit journeying, where she took us into meditative states to encounter the plants in ways that were unique to each person, but often shared common details.

As part of this intention to work with the plant Spirits, I decided that I would harvest only plants that presented themselves to be made into medicine somehow – and that they would be either homegrown or growing wild, and sourced directly. It is important to me the plant presents itself to be made into medicine, before I come up with the idea of what it is that I want to make, to allow the final medicine to be a co-creation, rather than something that emerges out of the egoic mind.

The seed for this particular project, INTUITION, began to grow after harvesting some wild California mugwort (Artemisia douglasiana) earlier this year, and then the following week receiving a bounty of purple sage (Salvia dorrii) grown by Mary Pat herself, who grows The Most Beautiful Herbs (and who told us that ‘Some plants want to grow for you, some don’t‘ – wisdom which has buffered me through many funereal gardening moments). So these plants arrived to me separately, separate to each other.  I was not looking for the mugwort, rather it found me, on a walk in Ukiah, leading me off the path and down into a little stream, and I had no intention of harvesting it, except that it called me back, long after the walk, and I went back and sat with it in the mud and talked to it for a long time before harvesting a small bouquet.  I cherish Artemisia for her wisdom and protection, but both of these plants enhance intuition and wisdom, and when I sat and meditated with the freshly harvested purple sage in my hands, I could feel it awakening my blood, strengthening my pulse, and strongly stimulating my intuitive center. So I felt called to combine these two into an oil for the third eye.

Continue reading “Plant Spirit oil: INTUITION”

Eat the Wild

“If we eat the wild, it begins to work inside us, altering us, changing us. Soon, if we eat too much, we will no longer fit the suit that has been made for us. Our hair will begin to grow long and ragged. Our gait and how we hold our body will change. A wild light begins to gleam in our eyes. Our words start to sound strange, nonlinear, emotional. Unpractical. Poetic. Once we have tasted this wildness, we begin to hunger for a food long denied us, and the more we eat the more we will awaken.” ~ Stephen Buhner, The Secret Teachings of Plants


Rosemary Flower Essence: Be Here Now


Perhaps one of the most paradoxical challenges in the quest for spiritual growth is to stay embodied. We might think of spiritual work as acting on just the intangible parts of ourselves, but this work needs solid grounding behind it in order to be a productive exercise, rather than leading us towards further imbalance.  Continue reading “Rosemary Flower Essence: Be Here Now”