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CURRENT OFFERINGS: Please email inquiries and bookings to: tygrtygrherbs at gmail


Skype consultation plus one month’s worth of herbs, including:
personalised tea, infusion or tincture blend, herb infused oil, or herbs for smudging/bathing


Everything is made up of energy and information, and everything is connected by energy. Imagine an electrical circuit: you can turn on a light from a switch at the wall which may be quite far away from the light source itself, because the switch and the lamp are connected via electrical energy. It is the same with distance healing.

With your permission, I read and assess where you are at, energetically, to get a sense of which of your energy centers are being affected, and then to assist you in transforming, healing, and working with them.

We will begin with a brief consultation either by Skype or messenger, in order for me to get an understanding of where you’re at and what you want to work on. The distance session will be coordinated so that we can communicate throughout via messenger, and so that we can work together on visualizations, affirmations, or any issues that come up. These sessions include dietary, nutritional, or lifestyle suggestions.


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To apply for in-person bodywork sessions, please email

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